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Travel tips for a short stay in Stockholm, Sweden


Stockholm, Sweden has been on my travel list for as long as I can remember!  When I finally got the chance to go I could hardly wait. Now, I’m excited to share a few experiences and recommendations in case you decide to take a trip to this delightful city.

1. Venture out on your own


My husband and I really enjoy venturing out on our own and discovering unfamiliar places at our own pace.  We like to pick our own restaurants and shops and take our time in some places while we skim through others.  Exploring sans guide was the best decision of our stay.  We had the freedom to go wherever we pleased without the time constraints.  To get street ready we downloaded the Uber app for longer distances and then used Google maps to meander the cobbled walkways and bridges in this Baltic city. If you have an adventurous spirit I would highly recommend you discover Stockholm on your own, at least for a day.

2. Fika

While in Sweden I encourage you to partake in Fika.  Fika is a time to take a coffee break while enjoying a sweet treat.  You can do this by yourself or with good company.  When I learned about this I had a eureka moment and brought it home with me.  Can you imagine an official coffee break?  This is so profound to me.  I am constantly on the go doing things like cooking, working, cleaning, running after kids.  But to take some time to just savor a warm beverage, eat a small decadent bite and just enjoy the moment? That is genius.  I know there will be a lot to see and discover in Stockholm, but take a moment, locate a cute little coffee shop, which will not be difficult to find, and enjoy a coffee and pastry.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later!  We went to this great coffee shop named Grillska Husets Brodbod.

3. Antique Shopping

It seemed that everywhere we went in  Gamla Stan, Stockholm there were antique shops.  I’m always thrilled to visit antique shops in the US and internationally because you can immerse, in an intimate way, into a little bit of the history from that region.  A neat tip is to chat with the shop owners.  Many of the shop owners are passionate about history and antiques and they may be able to share a lot of the rich story behind certain pieces.  If you like to travel, you may have a soft spot for the history and culture of the places your visit.  You never know what treasure you will find and get to bring home for its next chapter in history.

4. Take Pictures

Stockholm, Sweden is considered to be the capital of Scandinavia and encompasses a rich history leading back to the 13th century.  Stockholm’s notable architecture is breathtaking for even the most seasoned traveler. When you’ve caught your breath make sure you free up your memory space, get your phone or camera ready, and start capturing memories to share with friends and family and Instagram, of course.

5. Eat local

There were countless delicious places to eat in Stockholm.  I recommend all of the restaurants that we dined in.  I had a traditional smoked salmon dish accented with fresh dill and house made mustard. If your taste buds are curious you might enjoy the tasty reindeer plate my husband ordered at Restaurang Kaffegillet.  We also had a nice lunch at Kaffekoppen; great wholesome energizing food to keep a traveler traveling!  One must-see attraction in Stockholm is the Ice Bar.  Before we headed in the bar we had a seafood dinner with friends at the Hearts – just inside the Icehotel.  Our bellies were full and we were ready to enjoy that raved about Ice bar.  It was a very cool experience, pun intended. There are plenty of unique and tasty places to eat so don’t be afraid to try the local restaurants.


I hope you were able to see a glimpse of my experience in this enticing city.  Get excited because it will be one of your best trips yet! I would love to know your questions or thoughts and remember to hashtag #gleamliving with your Stockholm adventures!



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  1. I went in April of this year. My boyfriend and I spent four days wondering Stockholm. It was great we stayed in Hotel C and walked everywhere.

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