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The Makeup of Gleam Living Soy Candles

I can confidently say that I have diligently searched for and tested the best quality and most natural ingredients I could find to craft my candles. It is important to me to make a product that I would use and enjoy in my own home with my loved ones.

About our Ingredients

Soy Wax

The wax that we us is Soy. Soy Wax is readily available and sustainable. Because it is a natural wax, it produces a slow and even burn compared to paraffin wax. This means that our candles will not only last longer but will produce significantly less smoke making it much safer for your home.

Wood Wicks

Our wicks are made from 100% sustainably sourced wood. They produce a flickering flame and a cozy crackling sound when your candle is lit. Because they are natural wood, they reduce carbon buildup, which is the black soot you see emitted in other candles. Our new cotton wicks are made of all-natural cotton.

Essential oils and non-toxic oils

Essential oils are extracted from fruits and plants through steam distillation. This yields an invigorating and natural aroma. We use the best quality essential oils we can find to infuse our candles and soap bars as well as our signature Essential Oil Blends. We also incorporate non-toxic and phthalate-free oils to enhance our candle scents.

Unique Vessels

We handpick a variety of beautiful vessels that can fit any style and space. We avoid labeling the exterior of the vessels so that they may seamlessly complement your decor. Once you have enjoyed your candle, you may clean and reuse the vessels as drinking glasses, succulent and flower vases or for storage purposes.

I hope you were able to gain some good insight into our natural ingredients. Due to the natural characteristics of these ingredients, I have some special tips to care for your candle that I will also include in your orders.  Click Here to learn more about our care tips.


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